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2019 DATE         Kids outdoor event          #              Venue                 ENTER

3 Feb                  Like2Bike                                   #1             Big Red Barn

10 March            Like2Bike                                   #2             Riversands

19 May               Like2Bike                                  #3              Hobby Park

21 July               Like2Bike                                   #4              Cradlemoon

8 September      Like2Bike                                   #5             Rietvlei

3 November       Like2Bike                                   #6            Big Red Barn

Like2Bike is an events company specialising in promoting and organising kids cycling and running events. In conjunction with the Like2Bike cycling skills clinics we aim to nurture early cycling development and skills.



2019 DATE        POP UP event                        #              Venue                 ENTER

9 June                  Beaulieu Challenge                  #10         Riversands

7-8 September      Kids Stage Race                       #1          RietVlei Zoo Farm

For your child's safety we need to implement and adhere to...


Recommended age groups for each distance


  • 2km:

  • 5km:

  • 10km:

  • 15/20km:

  • LITE duathlon
    (500mm run, 2km cycle, 250m run):


  • MID duathlon
    (1km run, 5km cycle, 500m run):

  • POWER duathlon
    (2km run, 10km cycle, 1 km run):


10km & 15km RACE category


As the children progress through the Like2Bike events and get older, they start to become more competitive and want to know where they came at the end of their ride. So this category is intended for those competitive kids out there who want to race and be given a time and placing at the end. Parents will not be allowed to run/ride with their children on the race, as they could potentially interfere with the results. Points will be scored for the top 10 finishes in each age category ,which will count towards a series winner.


We will still have the fun 2km, 5km, and 10km Like2Bike categories where parents will be able to ride/run with their kids.

Summer Guideline:



07h00-08h30 Registration


08h00     15km race

                  (kids go it alone)


08h05     10km race

                 (kids go it alone)


08h10      POWER duathlon start


08h15      MID duathlon starts


08h20      LITE duathlon starts


08h25     10km fun ride

(parents can run/ride with their kids)


08h30      5km fun ride

(parents can run/ride with their kids)


08h35      2km fun ride (parents can run/ride with their kids)


Winter Guideline:



08h00-09h30 Registration


09h00     15km race

                  (kids go it alone)


09h05     10km race

                 (kids go it alone)


09h10      POWER duathlon start


09h15      MID duathlon starts


09h20      LITE duathlon starts


09h25     10km fun ride

(parents can run/ride with their kids)


09h30      5km fun ride

(parents can run/ride with their kids)


09h35      2km fun ride (parents can run/ride with their kids)


Whilst these are fun rides, we are teaching and entrenching rider etiquette within our kids. 1)Keep left & pass right. If over taking, notify the rider ahead by saying ‘passing on the right, keep left’ . 2) If walking or off your bike, keep to the left of the track so that riders can still pass you. 3) Keep calm, relax, and enjoy. It’s usually the adults who become frustrated if there is a hold up. Just remember that many of these children are new to cycling & are still developing the skills to ride. Adults should be mindful to encourage them and not show their annoyance at having to wait for them – this morning is all about the kids having fun on their bikes. If there is a hold up on the route, please help where you can. It’s a FUN ride first and foremost.


MOST NB - Please check your children’s bikes before the event, ie. Ensure the tyres are pumped and not worn, brakes (if they have) are working, and saddle heights are correct. Remember these little guys and girls are growing all the time and the saddle height needs to be checked regularly.


Closed shoes also a good idea. We will have all sorts of kids cycling gear on sale. We can accept payments using Snapscan if you would like to purchase gear.


It is compulsory that all parents and children attend the ride & safety briefing a few minutes before each start, so please give yourselves enough time to get there.


NO HELMET  - NO RIDE. We suggest all participants wear gloves if possible, which will protect their hands should they have a fall.


CHARITY: If anyone has any 2nd hand outgrown bikes and cycling gear, you are welcome to bring them along to the event. We are supporting a development cycling initiative in Centurion and they are desperate for any ‘once loved’ cycling gear.


We accept entries on the morning at the event, so tell all your friends to join you for the ride.  Only pre-entries will received a goody bag.



About our awesome KIDS events

The events are aimed at 2-14 year olds and are a standalone event.

They are not tagged on to an adults cycling event. Children having fun on their bikes, with their families in tow, are the focus of the day! The distances are 2, 5, or 10km with recommended ages being 2-3yrs for the 2km, 4-6yrs for the 5km, and 7-14 yrs for the 10km. The duathlon will be either a 1km run followed by a 5km cycle, or a 2km run followed by a 10km cycle. We encourage parental participation too!


This really is a fun filled morning out for families, and scenic, child friendly cycling venues have been selected. Each child will receive a medal and a great goodie bag. If the child participates in 3 of the 6 events, then they will also receive a ‘series champion’ T at the series final.

We thank our valuable Like2Bike Sponsors