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Red Gloves

Blue Gloves

Gear & Cool stuff for kids

High quality gloves will protect little hands


Available in:


• Red XS

• Red S

• Blue XS

• Blue S


These quality gloves will ensure that little hands are protected from blisters and grazes, should they take a tumble off their bike. As the saying goes, they ‘fit like a glove’ and are especially designed for small hands and fingers.


The colourful gloves feature the LIKEaBIKE brand name on the velcro strap.


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Kokua & Uvex Helmets for kids

Kokua Helmets

Make sure they're protected


Available in:


Blue Small 46-51cm

Pink Small 46-51cm

Blue Medium 51-57cm

Pink Medium 51-57cm


Designed and made in Germany to the highest safety standards these helmets really stand out from the crowd.


Lightweight and incredibly safe the helmets feature a superb retention system at the rear of the helmet which allows for quick adjustment and fitting for wriggling 2 year olds.


Superb rear L.E.Ds fitted to the rear of the helmet for added visibility and safety


Available in Blue or Pink and in 2 sizes Small 45-51cms - Medium 51-57cms

Covered in LIKEaBIKE illustrations as specified by Kokua.


• Light weight

• Blue or Pink

• 2 sizes Small 46-51cms - Medium 51-57cms

• Rear flashing L.E.Ds with so much appeal for your child to love the helmet

• Superb retention system


Pink Kokua Helmet

Blue Kokua Helmet

Uvex Helmets

UVEX Range



Uvex is a real quality product from German and has decades of experience in developing bike helmets and is one of the major innovation drivers in this sector.


With Uvex cycling helmets you are always well prepared.


Like2Bike is an approved distributor of the Uvex product range


Available in:


The ‘airwing’, ‘onyx’, ‘i-vo’ and  'kids 3’ are all 52-57cm size.

The ‘kid 2’ is 46-52cm size

The ‘finale junior’ is size 51-55cm.


Airwing Red

52-57cm size

Airwing Blue-Green

52-57cm size

UVEX Airwing White-Pink

52-57cm size

Onyx Dark Silver

52-57cm size

Onyx White

52-57cm size

UVEX i-vo White

52-57cm size

Kid 2 Butterfly

46-52cm size

Finale Jnr White Hearts

51-55cm size

UVEX Kid 2 Jungle

46-52cm size

Kid 3 Blue

52-57cm size

UVEX kid3 Grey lime

52-57cm size

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Uvex Sunglasses for kids

Junior sportstyle 507



Make sure their eye's are protected


Available in:


Junior sportstyle 507 – blue

Junior sportstyle 507 – white

Junior sportstyle 508 – blue

Junior sportstyle 508 – pink


The uvex cycling eyewear combine outstanding technologies with an excellent design. With the latest uvex technologies, cyclists are perfectly prepared for every condition at any time. Like2Bike is proud to be an official distributor of the Uvex eyewear range.

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Junior sportstyle 508


Junior sportstyle 507


Junior sportstyle 508


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