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Like2bike was born out of my frustration at trying to find a decent pedal bike for my then 4 year old son, Liam. Being competitive cyclists ourselves, it was important that the bike was light, had good gearing, brakes that little hands could pull, and of good quality.


Not being able to find what to we wanted locally, I started researching what was available internationally. I came across a German company, called Kokua. I was so impressed with their bikes, that I started talking to them with a view to import their bikes into S.A.


I now have the agency for the bikes, and my quest to find the best children’s bicycles has also inspired me to source the best kids cycling accessories, as well as all the things that we as adults have for our riding.

The difference that a good quality light bike has made to my Liam’s riding is remarkable. And because they are such good quality bikes, they will last being handed down to Kayden too! I also offer a buy back scheme, where once the child has outgrown the bike we will either trade in the bike for the next size up, or just buy it back from you, creating a 2nd hand market for good quality kids bikes.


Once we had good bikes, the boys then wanted to ride them at cool venues with all of their mates. Hence the fun Like2Bike events were born in 2013 and we continue to encourage kids to get out there on their bikes and enjoy the wonderful sport of cycling.


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