Thandi, who is passionate about getting the kids who live in Soshanguve, off the streets and into healthy sports, has been bringing a group of between 10-20 kids to the Like2Bike events over the past 2 years. Like2Bike has part sponsored the entry fees for the team.


Thandi has organised bikes and other cycling bits and pieces from sponsors, but really battles to get the kids (and their bikes) to the events. Her grandson is one of the children she encourages and supports.


Like2Bike has over the years, had a drop off point where people can donate ‘once loved’ old cycling gear, which we have then given to Thandi and her cycling team. Thank you to those of you who have donated so far and please continue to donate, as your gear as it is going to be very well used!


We will be going out to Soshanguve to provide much needed skills and bike maintenance training for her team as at the last event, one of the cyclists lost his pedal and ended up finishing the race on foot, friend in tow, smiling and laughing.

Our biggest goal for the team is to get them to ALL the events, so we are working hard to find a means of including these amazing athletes, and giving them a chance to get the rubber side down!


When Kirsty’s children were young she was very disillusioned with the selection of kid specific bikes that were available locally.


Being a passionate cyclist herself, Kirsty thought it was important that her children were exposed to cycling at a young age and for this to really benefit her kids, she believed it was important that they had quality bicycles to use and learn their skills on. Once Kirsty started looking around for bikes overseas she came across a German company, Kokua. German manufacturing tends to be synonymous with quality and Kokua have kept this tradition going. Very impressed with their bikes Kirsty managed to secure the distribution rights for South Africa.


Stage 1 was complete as the boys had great bikes, but there were very few kids cycling events. With a background in event organization ,Kirsty’s next logical step was to fill the gap, and Like2Bike was born.


The inaugural Like2Bike race was held at Century Property Developments new Waterfall Estate. Century were looking to increase the sale of their stands and agreed to pay for the 1st 100 entrants. The event brought potential new customers to their developments and Like2Bike was up and running with a guaranteed cash injection. It was a win win. The events grew from here.

We thank our valuable Like2Bike Sponsors!

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